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Scanning & Digitization

Efficient and effective storage of information constitutes the basis of a modern enterprise.You will save money as well as improve the efficiency and security of your records by changing paper documentation into a modern digital e-library.


Cost Effective Solutions for your Business Growth

  • Over 7 billion people live in the world, and more than 2 billion have access to the Internet. Use this potential and move your corporate documentation to the Safe Electronic Library. This appropriate system, allowing the management of documents and their quick and efficient searching, as well as reliable and safe storage, is key to continuous development and process optimization within companies. Due to the fact that the increase of efficiency of activities in any organization depends on the decisions it makes and the basis thereof is easily accessible information.Seamware Offers offers a modern solution providing effective digitization of traditional paper documents.
  • We offer:

receipt and preparation for scanning of large amounts of paper records,

scanning of current documents within the framework of corporate document flow,

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - automatic capturing of data from forms, reading of hand written text and bar codes.


Indexing is the process of creating indexes for record collections.  Having indexes allows researchers to more quickly find records for specific individuals; without them, researchers might have to look through hundreds or thousands of records to locate an individual record.


When documents are stored in an online document management system, they are available for retrieval 24 hours a day. Depending upon how the system is set up and on which users are granted access, documents can also be retrieved globally. So if you have offices around the world or employees working from their homes, they can access documents as if they were in the central office. This is a major productivity boost for most organizations, and best of all, does not compromise document security.

Document retrieval is all about getting the right documents to the right people, instantly. This is a combination of search criteria and security.

Seamware Process Flow



  • • Significant cost reduction - elimination of warehouse space necessary for document storing.
  • • Efficient use of information contained in the stored documents - quick and effective finding of documents according to established criteria.
  • • 24h access to stored data without time or place limits, all year round.
  • • Increased security of stored data - document scanning allows the archiving and recovery of data at any time.



You will save money , will improve the efficiency and security of your records by changing paper documentation into a modern digital e-library





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